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Creative design, innovative solutions

Offering a wide range of design services including animation, presentations,
video production and branding, all focused on delivering memorable, dynamic
and effective content, we engage your audience and give your business the edge.

video, animation and design, London

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Animation & product videos

Every client has a product or service they offer so the need for them to promote and explain them clearly and correctly is vital.

We can highlight the technical specifications of your product in 3D, zoom the camera around, pin call-out text on areas of interest and show all relevant data with dynamic graphics.


Alternatively, using shot video, motion graphics, artwork and 3D animation we are able to explain the processes involved and the relationships within, in a dynamic and engaging way.


Our promo videos are edited together with voice-overs, infographics, charts and diagrams to really help the viewers understand as quickly as possible all while holding their attention and being memorable. 



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High-end PowerPoint presentations

We'll start with a template redesign and slide refresh using your existing presentation or marketing materials. We can then create an animated intro video of your company logo if you don't already have one to make you look great from the start. We would then design an interactive menu system if needed to make your presentation attractive and easy to navigate.

Where applicable we can create 3d charts and graphs of any relevant data and help you turn over-cluttered and dull slides into a more interesting and effective way to tell your story visually. 

Being specialists in presentations & video, we'll create something that looks great and beats the competition.



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Digital advertising / social media video

Engagement with video is about x10 more than static imagery, so it's a no-brainer to want to make the most of your digital space and to ensure your content is eye-catching to grab the audience's attention, and engaging enough that your message is understood.


Online, we can help you start a social media campaign, design GIF web banners and create Linkedin promotional videos.

In the real world, displays in lobbies, foyers, shop fronts, office spaces and of course digital posters can be maximised to deliver information, marketing, PR and entertainment. With on-brand and compelling visuals, 3d and motion graphics you'll be turning heads, creating customers and spreading the word.




Video production & post production

Beyond creating motion graphics and animations for our promo videos, adverts and presentations we can also shoot full-motion 4k video.  We can also shoot traditional corporate videos, interviews, vox pops, overviews and short films.

If required, in post-production, we can remove green screen, composite visual effects over the shot footage, track objects and pin text in 3d space and remove unsightly or rogue elements from the scene.

Once that's all completed, we edit it together, add music, titles and sound effects and output to various formats for use in all of your marketing platforms




Working within a range of budgets we can take your copy and any existing assets and enhance them with newly created content to make dynamic and engaging animations, artwork and videos.


These elements can then be used in stand-out PowerPoint presentations, product & service videos, corporate videos and interviews, promotional materials, exhibition displays and digital advertising. ​